Hiring Guidelines

At right you’ll find all the information you should need to navigate successfully through the hiring season. Before you get started, please read Filling Positions in Section II-F: Academic Department Governance section of the faculty handbook, which outlines some specific steps to take and processes to follow. If you have any questions or suggestions for further clarifying our hiring guidelines, please give John Gerry a call at x4351.

Justine Beringer sets up candidate interviews with the Dean of the Faculty and the Faculty Interview Panel. She can be reached at x4351.

Barb Pietras Contact Barb with questions regarding recruiting expenses. She can be reached at x4138.

Maggie Driscoll, Assistant to the Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Equity is the person to contact regarding faculty advertising.  From this office, you will receive memos under separate cover about acceptable interview questions and breakfasts for women and minority candidates. Maggie’s phone number is x4376.