Your First Week

Attend Ephssentials Orientation

Ephssentials orientation is held each Monday at 1:00 pm in HR.Ephssentials orientation typically last about two hours. The presentation will cover:

  • Introduction to college policies
  • Payroll procedures
  • Employee benefits
  • Campus community essentials

If you’re unable to attend your Ephssentials orientation as scheduled, please contact the human resources coordinator as soon as possible at 413.597.3716 or [email protected].

What to Bring to Ephssentials Orientation

During Ephssentials orientation, you will need the following information/items:

  • “W” number, Williams email address and password
  • Acceptable forms of Identification
  • Bank routing and account number (Note: the bank need not be a local bank.)
  • Marriage Certificate, Spouse date of birth (DoB) and social security number (SSN), Dependents DoB and SSN
  • Car registration
Williams ID Card

The ID card is encoded with information that allows employees access to various buildings as appropriate, borrowing privileges in the libraries, and access to athletic and cultural events on campus. Employee spouses and dependent children are also eligible to receive an ID at a cost of $15. There is a $15 fee to replace a card. **Unmarried partners who relocate to Williamstown with a faculty or administrative staff member are eligible for a library card, and an athletic pass.

OIT Technology Orientation (if applicable)

Check in with your supervisor to see whether he/she has scheduled an OIT orientation meeting for you. Typically, these meetings happen on your first day and a member of the Desktop Team. They will come to your office to meet with you. If you need to schedule an orientation, call the IT helpdesk at x4090.A technology orientation will cover:

  • Encryption software set up.
  • Create a Windows password and log in to Windows
  • Create a network login to access the Williams Network, including share drives, network printers, and other resources.