Their First Week

Welcome to the Department
  • Welcome the employee
  • Introduce them to co-workers/department
  • Give them a tour of the department
New Employee Orientation Schedule

New Employee Orientation occurs every Monday at 1:00 pm in the HR office.  You should set aside two hours for the session. If the employee is not starting on a Monday, they will need to stop by HR to complete their I-9 form on their first day and attend orientation the following Monday. New Employee Orientation covers college policies, the HR system’s self-service, basic campus information, and benefits.  An email is sent to the new employee (and copied to their supervisor) the week before they begin to inform them of the orientation, what documents to bring for their I-9 form, and how to obtain their ID card.

For assistance, contact Richard Duncan ([email protected]).


Meeting with the employee 1:1

Each supervisor approaches a new employee’s first day in a slightly different way, but the goal is to welcome the new employee and provide them with the information they need to get started.

  • Review policies and procedures for your department.
  • Overview of your department’s function, goals and structure, and how it works with other departments.
  • Consider a campus tour, particularly of areas important to their job.
  • Take the employee out to a welcome lunch.
  • Review any shared calendars and/or folders.
  • During your first meeting with the new employee, discuss the following:
    • Review the job description. Explain specific responsibilities and evaluation format and process (as applicable).
    • Discuss your expectations. Explain in what ways they’ll be expected to contribute.
    • The new employee’s work hours, the department’s office hours, lunch hour, break times, and overtime policy/procedure (if applicable).
  • Be sure to check in often with the new employee, don’t wait for a new employee to come to you in need of support or information. New employees may also not ask for help when they need it.
  • Create opportunities for the employee to interact with others employees by having current staff take them out to lunch or invite the new employee to partake in campus activities.
Meetings with key people begin.

Before their 1st day, you worked out a roster of meetings to help your new hire get up to speed.  It’s likely some of these will begin to take place during this first week.