Their Sixth Month

Conduct 6 Month Review

The 6 month mark is a good time to have a more formal check in with your employee about how things are going.  Many employees, especially high performers, really want to know whether they are meeting their supervisor’s expectations.

By setting aside the time to give them candid and thorough oral and written feedback, you can help them to be even more productive in their jobs.

To complete the 6 month review process take the following steps:

  1. Draft the Performance Development Evaluation Form – 6 Month.
  2. Discuss the draft with the employee.
  3. Your discussion with the employee may prompt you to want to make a few changes.  Finalize the review based on your discussion.
  4. Make sure that you and your employee keep a copy, and submit the signed final review to HR.

More information, including tips for writing the review and conducting the performance development conversation, can be found at the Performance Development section of our website.