Authorization to Recruit

Authorization is required to recruit for all regular new and replacement positions prior to beginning a search (see Vacancy Review Policy). Managers should submit an HR Request Form to seek approval to fill a vacancy. The HR Request Form will need to be approved by the Department Head before HR receives the request, at which time your HR Business Partner will reach out for any additional information needed to support your request. The HRBP will then route the HR Request to the appropriate approvers, including the relevant member of Senior Staff, the Vacancy Review Committee, and VP of OIDEI depending on the request type. Once the HR Request is fully approved, the request to recruit will be assigned to a Recruiter who will provide a Search Workbook and the tools needed to prepare for the search. The Recruiter will work with the hiring manager to review and approve the job posting, determine the search plan, and establish a hiring range.

Internal Announcement

All regular positions will be posted weekly on the Office of Human Resources website. A position must be posted for at least one week (five work days) from the posting date before it can be filled.

External Announcement

To develop a broad and diverse applicant pool, most vacancies are advertised simultaneously on campus and outside the college. Human Resources will work with the hiring department to determine the appropriate scope of the search. This includes the development and placement of advertisements, as well as, listing openings with outreach agencies. Positions are also advertised on other websites, list serves, and in local newspapers. Depending upon the position, advertisements may also be placed in regional, national, and/or specific professional publications. It is advisable to expand the search to include professional organizations and networks of special interest to women and minorities as identified by Human Resources. Advertisements will include a summary of the position’s responsibilities and the minimum education and experience requirements. A position is expected to be posted for at least 30 days from the posting date before it can be removed from the website. The cost of advertising is borne by the Office of Human Resources.