Screening: The Office of Human Resources and the hiring department will screen resumes and/or applications to identify the most qualified applicants as indicated in the advertisement, and in accordance with the job description. Equivalent years of related experience may be exchanged for education dependent upon the position.

Interviewing: The hiring department and the Office of Human Resources will discuss procedures for on-campus interviews. The Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Equity offers the option of arranging meetings for women and minority candidates with other women and minority staff as requested.

The hiring department, and in most cases someone from the Office of Human Resources, will interview selected candidates. Thorough planning of questions pertinent to the duties and responsibilities of the job will assist in structuring effective, consistent interviews. Sample interview questions can be downloaded below.

Preliminary interviews may be conducted via telephone and/or Skype to narrow the pool of candidates who may then be invited to campus. Telephone and Skype interviews can be a cost-effective way to explore an applicant’s qualifications and clarify important information such as lapses in job history, specific job duties, and/or education, as well as any requirements prior to an on-campus interview. It is not advisable to engage in extensive discussion and/or negotiation of the salary range at this stage of the recruitment process.

Sample Interview Questions

Interview Do’s and Don’ts