Human Resources System Instructions

These instructions are for hiring managers and search committee members who have been given access to view applicant information for specific searches.

If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact Cody Remillard in Human Resources at [email protected].

The video below will orient you to these system features, or follow the instructions below.

    1. Log in to the Human Resources System at
    2. Go to Main Menu > Manager Self Service > Staff Recruiting > Browse Job Openings OR Main Menu > Recruiting > Browse Job Openings
    3. Click on the underlined Job Opening title to view applicants.
    • Type:  External or Employee (current employees - if they applied via Self-Service)
    • Disposition:  applicant status of Applied, Reviewed, Interview, Withdrawn or Reject
    • Former Employee:  applicant has indicated they are a former employee (only shows if selected by at least one applicant on the list)
    • Application: displays an icon that links to a system-generated employment application
    • Resume/Cover Letter: displays an icon if resume and/or cover letter were uploaded
    • Marked Reviewed: (available to Hiring Managers only) click on the icon to indicate which resumes you have reviewed, letting search committee member know which resumes to focus on
    • Interview: enter date and type of interviews for the applicant
    • Last Updated: date and time the application was received or disposition was updated

    * When downloading the resume or application, check your browser’s settings to allow pop-ups.

  • The Manage Job Opening Applicants grid can be sorted by clicking on the column titles: Applicant Name, Applicant ID, Type, Disposition, and Last Updated.

    You can also filter the applicants by disposition by clicking on the tabs above (All, Applied, Reviewed, Interview, etc.).

  • Applicant list can be run by the hiring manager and by search committee members. This is a useful tool to track which resumes you have reviewed, rate applications, and make notes.

    From the Manage Job Opening page:

    • Click Related Content (text link in the top right corner).
    • Choose Applicant List.
    • The report will appear in the bottom window.
    • The list can be downloaded in Excel, CSV, or XML file.
  • Occasionally you might need to forward resumes/cover letters to an individual, not on the search committee, or send selected resumes to yourself for later review.

    From the Manage Job Opening page:

    To send resume/cover letter for one applicant:

    1.  On the applicant row: the far right column under Other Actions, select Applicant Actions\ Forward Applicant.

    You can also send multiple applicants at once:

    1. Check the boxes next to selected applicants’ names
    2. Below the applicant grid, select Group Actions\ Applicant Actions\ Forward Applicant.
      1. You will be prompted to enter email addresses, subject line, and email message. The default message will only include the applicant’s name(s).
      2. Emails will include resumes and cover letters for the selected applicant(s).
  • Access this page either from Main Menu > Recruiting > Recruiting Home, or the link on the top and bottom bars of the Manage Job Openings page.

    This new page shows you a list of recent applicants for all of your current openings, including contact information.