Recruitment Travel & Reimbursement Guidelines

The Office of Human Resources offers the following guidelines for finalist candidates invited to visit campus as part of the recruitment process. These guidelines are not intended to address every possible situation. It is our policy to reimburse candidates who have to travel more than 50 miles one way for expenses related to visiting Williams College as part of their recruitment process, and/or for expenses related to accommodations required to support the interview process. If you have any questions or need for additional guidance, please contact [email protected]. All original receipts should be submitted by email.

Travel Arrangements

The College does not have an official travel agent. Candidates are free to make their own arrangements, keeping the following in mind, or to work directly with the hiring department and/or Employment Manager.


All efforts should be made to obtain the lowest coach fare available. When the savings generated by traveling and staying over on a Saturday night exceed the cost of lodging and meals for a pre- or post-interview period, the College encourages the applicant to make the Saturday night stay. The College will reimburse up to $700.00 for coach airfare without prior approval; if you cannot find airfare for under $700.00, please reach out to [email protected]. For electronic tickets, please submit the web page printout or confirmation letter that is e-mailed to you and the boarding passes for each leg of the trip. For paper tickets, please provide the last page of the airline ticket (passenger receipt) as a receipt for the trip.

Car Rentals/Car Service

Applicants traveling by plane or who wish to avoid putting miles on their personal car may rent a car or use a car service. Candidates should choose a car that best accommodates their needs at the lowest reasonable price point. Luxury rentals will not be reimbursed. Original receipts must be retained and submitted for reimbursement. 

Personal Auto Travel

Applicants traveling by personal (non-rental) automobile will be reimbursed for mileage and tolls by the College; please note fuel/refueling costs are included in the IRS mileage rate.  However, mileage reimbursement may never exceed the cost of available alternate transportation, i.e., the reimbursement for mileage cannot exceed the lowest train or airfare available. In cases where the applicant elects to drive rather than travel by plane or train, the lower of the available alternatives will be reimbursed. Please note that either mileage or the cost of a car rental will be reimbursed, but not both.

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Applicants traveling by train or bus will be reimbursed by the College. Original receipts must be retained and submitted for reimbursement.


The College has agreements with several local hotels in the area and can make reservations directly so that candidates do not need to pay out of pocket. Please work with your point of contact for interviews, or  [email protected], with your dates of travel and we will book a room for you.

Candidate Meals (non-work meals)

The College will reimburse candidates the cost of meals, up to $15.00 per meal, including gratuities, for breakfast and lunch, and up to $50.00 per meal, including gratuities, for dinner. Meals may be charged to their hotel/motel room, if applicable. An itemized receipt must be provided.

Candidate Meals (working meals)

When candidates are taken to dinner or lunch as part of the interview process, Human Resources will reimburse the department up to the above amounts for up to four people including the candidate. The cost of a beverage will be reimbursed as part of the meal as long as the cost of the meal does not exceed the above-mentioned limits per participant. Expensive wines and drinks not associated with the meal will not be reimbursed.
Meals should be charged with a College purchasing card. Submit the receipt along with the name of candidate, position, department, and names of others in attendance to Human Resources. Journal entries will be processed and charged to the Recruitment budget.

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NOTE: If a candidate cancels an interview after travel arrangements are made, the candidate will be responsible for his/her travel expenses.